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Micah was part of the opening team that envisioned and created the opening menu at the Aviary. He studied and trained in the kitchen at Alinea restaurant for the opening of the new bar concept. His role at the time of opening was the ‘ice chef’ — probably the only one in the world — charged with creating over 30 types of ice for the bar program. The program now boosts an impressive 39 varieties of ice.

Micah currently serves as Beverage Director of the Alinea Group and is in charge of the cocktail, non-alcoholic, beer, and spirits menus at The Aviary & the Office Chicago, The Aviary & the Office NYC, Next Restaurant, Roister and Alinea.


EPISODE 263: Bernie lubbers


Bernie Lubbers travelled the road for 20 years performing comedy before getting into the bourbon business. Originally hired by Jim Beam to promote their Knob Creek brand, Bernie took it upon himself to delve into the rich history and heritage of American Whiskey and the whiskey men and women who forged that legacy, and along that way earned the title of The Whiskey Professor and was awarded Whiskey Ambassador of the Year by Whiskey Magazine’s Icons of Whiskey Awards. Mixing his talents for music and comedy with his passion for America’s “native spirit”, Bernie today holds the position as The American Whiskey Ambassador for the largest single-site whiskey distiller in the world—Heaven Hill—where, among many things, he has championed bottled in bond spirits, helping to preserve, promote, and revitalize the category. His book, Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit is available wherever boozy books are sold.



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